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Group coaching or team coaching – which approach is right for you?

The power of collective thinking to workshop business challenges is a game-changer. Different voices and a diverse range of experiences all contribute valuable ideas to help develop innovative solutions. We see this happening on a regular basis in our coaching work, which is why we offer both group coaching and team coaching, as well as our[...]
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Reflections on Brexit and the lessons it teaches about empathy

So we’ve left the European Union. After four years of headlines dominated by the ‘will we, won’t we’ rollercoaster that was Brexit and seemingly never-ending arguments between Leave and Remain, Labour and Conservative, politicians and constituents, not to mention friends and family, the moment many of us thought we’d never see came, and went, with[...]
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These are distracting times for leaders

Distractions for business leaders – and how to overcome them We all live in highly distracting times. For business leaders, macro distractions – humanitarian, societal, economic, political and digital – make focussing on the task of leading our organisations and people very challenging. Distraction, and the fear of it, however, is nothing new.  Respected Swiss scientist Conrad[...]
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