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Safety, belonging and mattering – how to create top-performing teams during a crisis

Through our coaching work we have found that by helping organisations build strong workplace cultures of inclusivity and belonging we create healthier, happier and higher-performing teams – something that is vital for business growth right now during this challenging period of uncertainty and fear.  How can leaders use belonging – something that has to be[...]
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Gender Pay Gap Report

Finally the UK government is demanding transparency from UK businesses in terms of pay figures for men and women, in a welcome effort to raise awareness of the gender pay gap that exists across all sectors of industry. And, assuming these businesses want to do the commercially and ethically sensible thing and reduce their gender[...]
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The women to whom I belong

My Equal Talent colleagues suggested that we each write an article about an inspiring woman in our life, as a celebration of International Women’s Day 2020. Here’s mine. I mused on the suggestion and realised what a difficult challenge it was for me personally: to choose one inspiring woman in my life. I can’t, for two reasons:[...]
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Group coaching or team coaching – which approach is right for you?

The power of collective thinking to workshop business challenges is a game-changer. Different voices and a diverse range of experiences all contribute valuable ideas to help develop innovative solutions. We see this happening on a regular basis in our coaching work, which is why we offer both group coaching and team coaching, as well as our[...]
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Reflections on Brexit and the lessons it teaches about empathy

So we’ve left the European Union. After four years of headlines dominated by the ‘will we, won’t we’ rollercoaster that was Brexit and seemingly never-ending arguments between Leave and Remain, Labour and Conservative, politicians and constituents, not to mention friends and family, the moment many of us thought we’d never see came, and went, with[...]
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