Inclusive Cultures

“When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organization.”
— Sheila Murray Bethel

In order to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce, an organisation must develop its inclusivity at a cultural level.

We need to be clear that diversity and inclusivity are not the same thing. An organisation must be inclusive in order to harness the significant benefits of diversity.

Building an inclusive culture requires deliberate inquiry and action. It involves a determination to change and it requires commitment. An inclusive culture involves everyone in the organisation- from senior leaders to teams to individual employees, to the brand itself. Delivering takes time and effort. Everyone has to be included, to feel inclusivity and live their own story. Importantly, they need to care.

The benefits?

An increase in productivity, engagement, attraction and retention of talent, organisational reputation and health and well-being of employees.

Build a culture where people can be their authentic selves and they will bring their best to work – their best ideas and their best selves.

Our Coaching Programmes

Equal Talent works with organisations to help them to articulate their vision and purpose for inclusion; to align and develop their organisational values; and to ensure that their brand is consistent with their objectives.

The process of cultural change requires time and effort and a clear vision and purpose. Inclusive cultures are about behaviours and standards.

We work to ensure that all employees participate in the definition and development of culture.

We do this through focus groups, work groups and coaching programmes. Change agents are identified and supported. To incorporate the culture change programme, the connectivity of individuals and departments is maximised. Key inclusive behaviours are developed for everyone.

We use a coach approach; challenging leaders and their teams to think and reflect; whilst holding up a mirror and considering their role and responsibility in delivering an inclusive culture.

We are experts in group coaching and building highly trusted environments to enable conversations that are often tough. We help guide leaders through the journey of inclusivity, starting very often with self-assessment and the big question – why? We are not shy about holding teams accountable and supporting them to deliver the change they need for ongoing business success.

Ready to Make a Change?

Equal Talent can make a difference to your organisation, to your leadership, and to you. So be the change you wish to see and contact us.