Working Family

We've begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.
— Gloria Steinem


Working families are a very big component of our workforce, a critical and extremely appreciated resource for organisations and a group facing important personal changes and transitions as they carefully balance their career and home-life duties.


Organisational Cultures

Parental Leave, Maternity & Returners Programmes

Our parental leave and maternity programmes support both parenting men and women alike. These carefully designed programmes aim to help people as soon as they realise they are having a child, all the way through their leave period, their return to work and beyond. The programmes cover a broad range of subjects, including personal accountability; career planning; having hard discussions; trust and imposter phenomenon ; resilience and flexibility.

The goal of these programmes is to support retention. Through a process of raising self-awareness, and sharing insights into “things they don’t know they don’t know” individuals can recognise and acknowledge their new needs and requirements. Encouraged to take personal responsibility these insights can be shared with colleagues, managers and the wider organisation. Through the development of new skills and behaviours individuals are supported in the new challenges a young family can bring.


Managers Programmes

Managers can have a tremendous effect on the achievement of balancing family and career, and eventually on individual retention.

We work directly with executives (either on a 1-to-1 basis or in facilitated workshops) to create EQi and coaching abilities so that as a member of their team travels through this life-changing phase, they can assist and allow new parents to succeed.

Case Study 1

Coaching Men

Senior Manager, Construction

“As you might expect, the construction industry is a very alpha culture. Even as a man in that environment, it’s something I’ve really struggled with.

Coaching with Equal Talent has helped me to understand and embrace my unique, introverted, leadership style. I’ve developed the skills to get myself heard in noisy board rooms and found new confidence in my abilities. It’s been a transformational and enlightening experience for me.”

Case Study 2

Parenting Skills for Families

Senior Manager, Digital Media

“As a senior manager, I battled hard with guilt after becoming a dad for the second time. Guilt about not being at home, helping with the family, and guilt for leaving work when I tried to get home early.

My experience on Equal Talent’s ‘Parenting Skills for Families’ lunchtime course completely changed the way I feel. I now know my work cares about parents and wants us to find a better balance. And when I am at home, I’m much better equipped to make the most of the time with my kids and give my wife a breather.

Through the course I’ve discovered colleagues going through the same thing. We share experiences and support each other, boosting everyone’s morale. And as an added bonus, I’ve learned coaching skills I now use every day to make me a better manager.”

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