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She Has No Limits is the purposeful legacy of Equal Talent. It’s a membership is designed to help women achieve success for themselves and their organisation. Members benefit from low cost, tailor-made, female behavioural development programmes. Continual professional development coaching programmes are led and supported by expert executive coaches with years of specialist coaching insight and knowledge.

This builds firm foundations for career and life choices. It enables members to develop signature strengths, achieve personal career success and develop winning businesses.

So many organisations lack female leaders and role models. Women frequently face harsh judgements and micro-aggression. In contrast, at She Has No Limits collaboration and deep connection are strongly encouraged. Our diversity of membership enhances innovative and expansive thinking. Members generously share knowledge and engage in peer-to-peer coaching.

Purpose of Membership

The She Has No Limits programme aims to reshape organisations’ ways of working to benefit both female employees and the employer. The programme is designed to:

  • improve the performance of female employees
  • nurture a culture of self-responsibility and continuous self-development
  • support more women into management and leadership
  • reverse the gender pay gap
  • reverse the harms caused to working women during the pandemic

What's included?

Membership combines access to an online community, fireside chats with inspirational speakers, webinars, virtual networking, online summits and an annual conference as well as both group and personal coaching sessions and mentorship programmes. Themes address the challenges facing working women today. We help women improve their own professional performance, support their progression and retention, and help guide them to job satisfaction and health and wellbeing.

Our coaches have experienced the life transitions and challenges that women face in their careers. Their deep understanding and empathy offer members a true sense of purpose and wellbeing, control and harmony, confidence, energy and clarity of ambition.

Time with expert coaches provides space to explore. To raise self-awareness, reflect, develop thinking, and determine accountability. All the time learning together. We challenge ourselves and each other in an environment of high psychological safety

Learning alongside like-minded women establishes:

  • Trusted connections
  • Peer to peer coaching
  • An exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Informal mentoring including reverse mentoring
  • Lasting friendships

Programme Features

  • Live interactive events where members can coach and support each other in real-time.
  • Events designed to be no more than 2 hours to enable ease of attendance.
  • Immediate access and reference to recordings on a personal membership platform.
  • Virtual delivery, meaning events can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Designed to complement existing internal L&D programmes.
  • Cross-sector and cross-functional representation, delivering diversity of thought and perspective.
  • Expert and up-to-date insights from subject matter specialists.

If Not You, Then Who?

We know that women’s economic advancement has been painfully slow. Yet the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has stopped this scant progress. More women than men have been furloughed or made redundant. More women have borne the brunt of home-schooling and of domestic ‘duty’. Women have risked their own careers and mental health in the process. Deloitte finds that 82% of women say that their lives have been negatively disrupted by the pandemic. Of these, 70% are concerned that their career may be limited as a result.

“Pregnant Then Screwed” research shows that 15% of mothers have either been made redundant or expect to be. 46% believe that a lack of childcare provision played a role in their redundancy.

In the first wave of the pandemic, Public Health England found that non-white communities are up to twice as vulnerable to the virus.

Stanford University’s Dr Lawrence Fung notes that “The anxiety caused by COVID-19, the physical distancing, and disruption of daily routines are intertwined. Together with other factors involved in the pandemic, they have caused a lot of new challenges for the neurodiverse community.

The tough truth is that if women do not act collectively now, this damage will be irreversible. True workplace equality will only happen when organisations support and invest in women.

She Has No Limits is a membership group set up by professional women for professional women. Women who have the ambition to carve out the career they merit, whatever the external pressures. Our wide-ranging series of programmes have a clear objective – to motivate, educate, inspire and support professional women. To roll back the causes of social and economic disparity.

When we achieve equality, we all experience a more vibrant organisation. And society more at ease with itself.

If Not Now, Then When?

Now is time for women to change the narrative. To seize the opportunity to explore a different way of being and a different way of viewing their future. To fulfil their potential without fighting obstacles every tedious step of the way. She Has No Limits challenges every forward-thinking company to invest in female employees. To empower them with the mindset and the skills to know that they have no limits. In subscribing your employees to She Has No Limits membership, you show the world that you are a fair and supportive business while benefiting from a diverse, inclusive and happy workplace culture.

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