Creative Executive Coaching for the STEM Sector

If you work in the STEM Sector you’ll know all about the challenge to find, engage and retain great people. You will know that the skills gap threatens and that diversity and inclusion agendas are super-important. You’ll know that in 2017, you need to be smart in finding and keeping the women. The #womeninSTEM movement is noisy and growing.

But what to do? What needs to be done at your place?

Two years ago we saw that the development work we do all the time in Automotive, Banking, Pharma and others, is less commonly applied in the fast growing STEM sector. We became convinced that if we could get the price down and build it right, we could offer something exceptional to bring the best of what we do to the STEM Sector.

What do we mean by ‘build it right’?

It has to be creative, engaging, affordable, pacey, innovative, accessible and appropriate. We need to be on our toes and hearing what women need in the delivery of their programmes. We have piloted it. And it works!

Products include:

The Equal Talent Team has delivered hundreds of hours of coaching and facilitation between them and we have all come together to share our passion to drive the high performance, engagement, retention and development of great people in STEM.

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