STEMINISTS /stɛmənɪsts/


1. we support and advocate for women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Professional Coaches

Everyone here is a professionally trained coach – the directors and our team – and we all get regular supervision. We follow the ICF and AC codes of ethics and, because we believe in the difference coaching can make, we have coaches ourselves.

Naturally, we have full professional and public liability insurance in place, too.


Collaborators and Co-Creators

There’s an African proverb we love – “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We partner with our clients to support and guide them all the way.

Through trusting and enduring relationships, we share new ideas and ways of doing things.


We believe in friendship

Coaching can be fun. It’s a positive thing for everyone involved, so why not enjoy it! Our directors are friends as well as colleagues, and we like to think we become friends with our clients too.

Let’s work hard, but also take time to enjoy life.

We never stop learning. We’re obsessed with absorbing the latest thinking in the industry. Reading widely, getting out to events and generally asking questions. We bring the best of what’s out there to our work and we love the challenge of stretching ourselves and our clients.

We’re connected. The wider your network, the better. We make a point of connecting with psychologists, neuroscientists, PhD students – anyone who can add to our team and help us deliver better projects and programmes. We learn from each other and are better coaches because of it.

We’re optimists. We know there’s a long way to go before we have gender equality at work. But change is happening – we see it in the organisations we work with. The tide has definitely turned.

We’re Steminists. Yes, it’s a thing! It means we’re champions of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. It’s what drives us.

Are you a STEMinist too?

If you believe that your business can perform better by harnessing difference and enabling your women to perform at their best, please contact us.